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Flowers have a certain effect on people, places and things. They can lighten a dull room; bring to life a lifeless garden; and add the right colour to a mixture of architecturally unattractive spaces. They grow and die just like us, and have all sorts of amazing purposes, such as creating pollen for the production of honey.Try It Now!

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For a home in particular, flowers can either make or break a space. Some flowers should never be used, whilst others have the ability, as stated above, to bring every aspect of a room together. And sometimes, they’re just nice for smelling.

The following is a list of 5 flowers which can never go wrong in a home, and basic tips of how to accommodate them.


Cacti are some of the most fascinating plants in the world, and whilst not precisely a flower, this small plant is a must have at some point in your life. They are very easy to maintain, and will fit in nicely to most designs. 

Whilst they do not need constant watering, they do still need some amount of attention. It takes someone quite skilful to kill a cactus, so relax, but a good hint is to water them when the first three-four centimetre’s of soil is dry on top. Apart from this, just enjoy the odd looking plant, and be careful not to prick yourself!


The rose is renowned for representing love. Valentine’s Day, Birthdays and Anniversaries are great times to buy Roses, but you should not restrict yourself to buying them at these times. Roses are the perfect flower for all occasions, and can be used in several different places around the home. The bathroom is a great place to set up a delicate arrangement, as is the dining table, kitchen bench etc. They come in several different colours, which allow for different uses and places around the home, and are available most months of the year.


Bamboo is seen as a lucky plant (hence the name lucky bamboo) but this is not the primary reason you need it in your home. Bamboo is one of the most beautiful and adaptable flowers in the world. They instantly add quality to a room with their eastern exotic look and the relaxing feeling vibe they create. Bamboo arrangements can be purchased at florists and nurseries, as well shops such as Big W, Bunning’s etc. They can be found in most towns and come relatively cheap, depending, of course, on how much you want. Premade arrangements can be quite costly, and so the best way to go is to buy individual stalks and arrange a bunch yourself. This puts you in control of the arrangements within your home, and is far cheaper. 

Bamboo can grow curly with the shoots wrapping around each other and also grows straight, as well as growing in various shapes and sizes. This exotic plant is a must have to modernise your house.


(Green Plants) 7 Green Plants Easy for Indoor Maintenance

For home improvement, green plants can provide freshness, life and improve the quality of air and positive vibes. They have the potential to breathe life into a room, and so when choosing what plants to have in your house, it is important to choose wisely. 

You can never go wrong with the following green plants.

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is one of the more popular hanging plants. It is often hung up high in a basket, and it’s long, thin leaves drop over the basket in an effortless fashion. When looked after, most will grow small flowers in the centre, so be sure not to hang it too high.

Snake Plant

The snake plant is amusingly (and correctly) referred to as the �mother-in-law’s-tongue’. The Aircon Servicing, vertical leaves are big enough and cheeky enough to suit this name, but are quite beautiful in the right places. Moreover, these plants help with the quality of air, because of its ability to convert large amounts of co2 into oxygen. 

Golden Pothos

Whilst this plant may give you the strong feeling of a doctor’s office or hospital room, when contrasted on a light wooden floor, or placed in an open room with low windows, this plant flourishes. Easy to maintain and great for a high quality of fresh air, this plant stays green even when exposed to the dark for long periods!

Red Edged Dracaena

This stunning dark-green plant can grow up to 15 feet high, and its thick cane bears a striking resemblance to some types of bamboo. The leaves are dark green and very thin, with up to 100 sticking out all over the place, to resemble a mad scientists hair-do. Nevertheless this plant is stunning when placed in the right room, and would go nicely with a bamboo assortment or other exotic plants. They do, however, attract small pests such as the spider mite, and so need to be treated accordingly.

Warneck Dracaena

The leaves on this plant are quite thin, though sometimes, like paper, can cut with their unusually sharp edges. They have beautiful light green stripes running up the middle of the wide leaf, and grow up to three feet tall. They are very easy to maintain, and great for airy rooms.

Chinese Evergreen

Cinese Evergreen’s, or the Aglaonema, are green plants with a large base and wide growing rate. They are very easy to look after, which makes them perfect for maintaining indoors, and supposedly symbolise long life and happiness. These plants can survive in many different conditions, but obviously thrive when maintained appropriately.

Peace Lily

My personal favourite is the Peace Lily, which has the perfect name for one of the most tranquil plants you will ever lay eyes upon. The large, purified white surface of the Peace Lily’s Lily creates one of the most beautiful atmospheres in a modern, contemporary light without feeling crowded, overpowering or cluttered. In fact, when in the right place, this green plant will open a cluttered space to make it feel much larger than it is.